Uncle Darren got me muddy!

Hello! Molly here! Long time no see! I have not seen Uncle Darren much over the winter but he reckons that every time he has seen me I have been like this and barely worth getting the camera out:

So, anyway, Aunty Susan brought him to visit me a couple of weeks ago and we went for a walk in the woods.

This is where I live:

Abi & Tom’s Garden Plants, Witherslack, Cumbria

I am a key member of staff here, being Security and Entertainment Manager 😉

It has rained for all of February! I almost got clean! So I was very thankful for a chance to do something about this!

Need fuelling up with a treat before we go.
Straight through the puddles! No cheating and walking around them Uncle Darren! Aunty Susan won’t mind if you get muddy. Honest!
Over the Stile!

Does my bum look big in this?

Where’s Uncle Darren? He didn’t follow!
There you are! Hurry Up! I’m not getting any younger and, frankly, neither are you.
Keep up!

What do you mean “that’s the wrong way”?
It looks muddy and I’m not missing out. Stuff the footpath arrow.
Yay! Lotsa mud!
Time to go home??? Already?
Another treat???? Small starvin’ dog here.
I can see home!

Hello Aunty Susan! Uncle Darren made me go the wrong way and got me all muddy!


      1. That’s definitely true of the Big T, though he prefers the mud as a spray from mountain-bike wheels ( the alternative usually means he’s fallen off — again). The boy-child loves his designer clothes too much to risk mud. And no, I have no idea where he got an interest in fashion, let alone “designer brand” fashion from. Not his parents anyway.

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  1. Awwwwhhh!! Love this post. Molly is so cute and the pictures were gorgeous! I used to go on walks through the woods often and seeing the stile brought back memories of their entrance! Hope you’re doing well!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I would agree! And yeah we’re doing fine. Would be doing better if people followed the advice being given to not swarm to grocery stores and panic buy, but what can you do? We’re good for food etc at the moment, but dreading when we need to go shopping. Hope you and yours are all well!

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