30 Songs in 30 Days Challenge – Day 20 – the earworm one

My lovely and talented friend Sarah (see day 1 for link) started this challenge.

I am going to do this the way Sarah did – a song every day and with a few lines about why I like each artist and song, and why it is significant for me. I am as much about the music as the words by the way, so I have to like both if I include a song.

Please feel free to join in this challenge with your own lists!

‘Paranoid’ by Black Sabbath

When I was 17 I was at a sixth-form college. Wednesday afternoons we could choose between several creative activities. Predictably my similarly misfit friends and I decided to help one of the teachers with the college garden. This was adjacent to the music building and some of our peers chose to learn an instrument as their activity. One of these individuals was learning electric guitar and played the intro to ‘Paranoid’ repeatedly for weeks. The tune always reminds me of those afternoons.


  1. This takes me back to my first serious boyfriend who was a few years older than me. We were listening to Black Sabbath, John Mayall and early Fleetwood Mac while most people I knew were really into the Bee Gees and disco. Great memories!!

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      1. 😂
        Absolutely!! I owned Rumours (which I still like), and was a bit gobsmacked to discover the band had such a long, diverse history.
        Their latest incarnation with Neil Finn is interesting. I like Split Enz, and some Crowded House, but not sure if he’ll bring anything new to the party.

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  2. Love early Fleetwood Mac too. Now, I have Oh Well and Black Magic Woman songs in my head. I never really listened to Black Sabbath though. I did like the Bee Gees, still do actually.

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    1. To be honest I am not a big Black Sabbath fan but this tune has stuck with me over the years. I don’t have any Fleetwood Mac believe it or not! The Bee Gees tend to be remembered for a certain John Travolta movie but they did some great stuff away from that.

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