30 Songs in 30 Days Challenge – Day 4 – the guitar solo one

My lovely and talented friend Sarah (see day 1 for link) started this challenge.

I am going to do this the way Sarah did – a song every day and with a few lines about why I like each artist and song, and why it is significant for me. I am as much about the music as the words by the way, so I have to like both if I include a song.

Please feel free to join in this challenge with your own lists!

‘Comfortably Numb’ by Pink Floyd

I wasn’t a Floyd fan at the time. I was too young really. By the time they broke up for good in the mid 1990s I was still only vaguely aware of their material. In fact I was more aware of their earlier singles such as ‘See Emily Play’ and ‘Arnold Layne’ due to my interest in 60s psychedelic music .

Then when I started to learn guitar it coincided with their final live performance at the Live 8 benefit concert in 2005. I watched it and was stunned by both this song and ‘Wish You Were Here’. These are now my two favourite Pink Floyd songs.

Their final full shows at London’s Earl’s Court in 1994 were recorded for posterity in very high quality and a performance was released a few years ago as the movie ‘Pulse’. Thankfully this features what is regarded as their finest performance of ‘Comfortably Numb’ and it astounds me whenever I watch it (the DVD played using surround-sound is an experience). I marvel at David Gilmour’s guitar solo. This performance is luckily on Youtube also:


  1. Hey Darren! Got to enjoy your Stones last night….amazing!!!! I am beyond awe-struck by Mick’s stamina and am totally inspired by his non-stop energy, especially after open-heart surgery!

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      1. I was very curious as well, so I googled and Mick has apparently been very health conscious since the 90’s, travelling with a staff of 200 (!!!) health-type professionals. I am wondering if his heart health had to do with his keto diet, just curious, but he is definitely an inspiration, which is hysterical!! πŸ˜‰

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  2. I was a big PF fan in my late teens when the angsty, angry, troubled flavour really hit the spot. I still love them, and have many of their records, but I find it nostalgic and mildly depressing to listen too much. Doesn’t help that the ex husband was a big fan and that ‘our song’ was Wish You Were Here. Somewhat tainted, I think! Thanks for sharing all the other songs too – this one is the main one that resonated so I commented here!

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