Happy New Year? Molly is not so sure….

Hello Uncle Darren’s friends! It is me, Molly! The old bugger is suffering in bed so I have pinched his WP account again.

I bet you all think Uncle Darren is a kind, big hearted hooman? Well I am here to put the record straight! He is a big meanie!

I come here, out of the goodness of my heart, to brighten his New Year just with my super-cute presence. What happens? I am in the house no more that five minutes and he starts sniffing then drags me off for a (I can barely bring myself to write the word): B.A.T.H

It takes weeks of careful dedicated rolling in stuff to cultivate a good smell. And now it is gone. Gone. Worse – they replaced it with yucky lavender.

And my camouflaging layer of nursery mud has gone too! I am so white I can be seen from space! Just thankful I don’t live here all the time or my doggy street cred would be shot.

See – he isn’t the man you thought he was. Be warned!

This is me clean and sulking:

Now I am off to out him on Instagram before he wakes up again!


  1. Molly, I hope you made sure that Uncle Darren gave you a LOT of treats. I’m not talking about those silly dog treats. I mean real-people treats that you are never supposed to have. He’ll learn eventually that you will puke in his shoes if you are not treated properly. Or next time it would be two shoes…of different pairs! Snuggle hugs Mol! And Walter sends slobbery kisses, too. He says that will help with the lavender smell.

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    1. I knew you and Walter would understand! Heh – he tripped (unassisted, honest) in the kitchen last night and some garlic bread fell off his plate. It did not hit the floor before I caught it! But then Aunty Susan made me drop it!!!! They are BOTH big meanies!!
      Send Walter over – he is big enough to help me sort ’em out! Kisses back to him❀.

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