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My friend Lisa over at All About Life has nominated me for this award. I have not done one of these for a while as I was getting award fatigue brought on by the stress of nominating people. However, there are a few award posts coming up in the near future!

Thank you Lisa! For those who have not met her, Lisa is a wonderfully fun writer with a great attitude to life and I admire her greatly. Go and say hello!


Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award

Answer 8 questions that the blogger gave you

Give 8 random thoughts about yourself

Nominate 8 other bloggers and notify them of their nomination

Ask your nominees 8 questions

The origins of this award are as follows:

“This award is meant to encourage new bloggers. From The Global Aussie: “The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011.  Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.”  The award initially focused on bloggers with less than 2000 followers, but as its popularity increased this number has gone down to 200.”

Lisa’s questions:

If you could swap lives with someone for just one day who would it be and why?

There are lots of potential answers to this one. Some are obvious (Rocco Siffredi), some less obvious.

Today I would happily swap with any hermit living alone on an island somewhere warm. You might have trouble getting me to swap back though…

What’s your favourite thing to eat?

Indian food 🙂 Though my go-to comfort foods tend to be toast or salty snacks like crisps. Bread is my downfall so we only buy bread for weekends.

Do you believe in reincarnation and, if so, do you have any memories of past lives?

No, I do not believe in reincarnation. This is at odds with my Buddhist leanings I know, but I could never get my head around it. I have sometimes thought that there are only a limited number of personality types that keep getting re-used (Did you know Trump was born just a few months after Hitler died….)

What really irritates you?

Unnecessarily noisy people. I find sitting near people having loud conversations intensely difficult. Kids laughing gives me a panic response.

Why is it that two blokes who know each other can’t sit together on a bus anyway? Why sit on opposite sides of the aisle, taking a double seat each, and bellow your conversation? Is it so they can ‘manspread’ more effectively? Some insecurity about their sexuality? What?

And why do other people have to YELL even when sitting together? And I am half-deaf so god knows what it would be like for the rest of you!

Which character from Friends are you most like?

Ugly Naked Guy

What song, without fail, makes you smile (please post link)


How would you spend your last day on Earth?

How do you think? 🙂

What law would you change and why?

I would repeal all laws that seek to restrict personal choices for no good reason other than they scare people with influence: Restrictions on homosexuality, drugs, freedom of movement, assisted dying etc.

NOBODY has the right to tell me what to do with my own body. If it doesn’t hurt anyone (or the environment) then it is none of their business.

8 random facts – trying to think of ones I have not used before:

  1. Our noisy neighbours have a hot tub in their back garden. We call it the bidet because it is used for washing arseholes.
  2. When I was ten I played snooker with Ray Reardon
  3. I am completely deaf to many high pitched sounds like watch alarms, timers, most birdsong, crickets etc.
  4. I read extremely quickly. A 500 page novel I can finish in under a day if uninterrupted.
  5. A legacy of doing yoga for several years until 2010 is that I can tie my shoelaces whilst standing on one leg and lifting my foot up to my hands. This is a spectacularly useless skill.
  6. I once drove 5 miles home from work after getting changed at the end of a long night shift and did not notice until I stepped out of the car into a puddle that I was barefoot…
  7. I once accidentally destroyed a £10,000 new lab floor in a previous job, and my then employers never worked out who did it. (You would think a new lab floor that expensive would be solvent-proof wouldn’t you?)
  8. When relocating my lab in 2003 I was put in charge of decorating the marquee for the final party at the old site. I hit upon the idea of lining the walls with life size  dancing girl cutouts, onto which I pasted the faces of our admin team. Some of them were not amused, but I was so high from using the spray paint in an enclosed cellar that I did not care. (One of the girls took hers home though – and still had it ten years later).



Lisa also had an open nomination for the Sunshine Blogger award and her questions were fun so I am going to have a go at these too!

Socks? Love them or hate them?

Love them. They keep my feet toasty! And I can annoy people by wearing them with sandals…

Is there a God?

Someone invented curry. Nuff said.

Seriously though? No I don’t believe so.

Is a pizza a pizza without cheese?

Oooh good one. I love pizza but don’t like cheese very much. Which just goes to show how weird I am. Does garlic bread on a pizza base count as pizza?

What’s your favourite book and why?

Espedair Street by Iain Banks. The opening paragraph is beautiful.  The book starts with the protagonist at rock bottom and ends with redemption and a new start.

Do aliens exist or are we floating around in space all alone?

I find it hard to believe Earth is the only planet in billions to have evolved life. Whether any planet, including Earth, has intelligent life is still open to debate..

Do you still have the teddy you slept with as a child?

No. He was arrested.

Brussel sprouts? Yes or no?

Can cope with them but not a favourite. My wife used to have shouting matches with her mother when she was a kid because she hated sprouts. Now she loves them.

Christmas? Do you love it or hate it?

Ambivalent. It is a week off work if nothing else.

What’s sexier – a beaming smile or thigh high boots?

Both, preferably with little or no other clothing between the two….

If you were stuck with one view for the rest of your life, what would it be?

See the answer above 😉

Which do you prefer? Spring or Autumn?

Spring for sure. I hate winter and the countdown starts in autumn.


My eight questions:

  1. What is the most outrageous thing you ever did at work?
  2. Why is the right wing called the right when it is wrong?
  3. Would you like a Royal Python? No reason except Roger at work is selling one.
  4. Have you ever wanted to jump naked and aroused into your company’s board meeting and shout ‘how’s that for getting a raise’? Just me then?
  5. When a tree falls in the woods and there is nobody around to hear it – are the squirrels still homeless?
  6. Why does anyone still wear jeans with a button fly?
  7. Choose: “We’ll build you a new one Mrs McNulty” or ” Buggrem! Millenium hand and shrimp!”
  8. Am I going crazy?

My nominees:

If any of you really are bonkers enough to answer those questions then feel free but pardon me if I back away carefully….


  1. I just love your answers Darren! Your comment about your neighbour’s hot tub made me crack up :O) A brilliant start to a Saturday morning by anyone’s standards. You completely deserve the award, and with these answers, everyone can see why ;O) xx

    Liked by 2 people

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