1. You are so sweet Lisa. I owe a lot to you two for enabling and encouraging my creativity and can barely wait for the next batch of ideas😊💕. There is a true synergy that brings out the best in all of us. Love and hugs!

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  1. Fantastic collaboration. I love that last, lettered Black cat with the red paw for its heart. Powerful indeed. Raw emotion for protecting animals… (I would see that because I am a Vegan who wants to see all animals protected from cruelty). Sorry Darren, your Susan is wrong to hate cats, or any other creature. We are all on the earth and should live in harmony. ❤️💕

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    1. Don’t worry, the cat hating thing was tongue in cheek. She would not hurt them but it is entertaining watching her chase them away from the birds, and it keeps her fit.

      We are both vegetarian by the way, heading towards vegan, and share your philosophy.

      Delighted you liked the images. I was very proud of the black cat one but really it was Dominique that helped me appreciate the meaning of it. I felt its power but she articulated it in a way I could not. I have a great deal of respect for her.

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  2. Pop Art, huh? Don’t you mean Pawp Art? Sorry…had to. Don’t tell Bill. As for Susan disliking cats…silly woman. I should give her a good talking to. 😉 Love the black cat on the wall…and the T. Reminds me of my Echo. ❤️ 🤗

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