Sunny afternoon off work…

Today the sun was shining here in Lancashire and I got an unexpected afternoon off work. This placed me in something of a quandary. I could either write my usual friday geeky plant post, or enjoy the sunshine in the greenhouse.

So, no, I have not written anything. But thought I might share the sunshine with you. The first picture shows one of the greenhouse benches and you can see that the winter-growing South African bulbs it houses are waking up after their summer dormancy.

The rest are all South African bulbs in flower at the moment. Some of you have already seen some of these on Instagram.


  1. Hi Jo, thank you for visiting and for the follow. You are right, basically. Nerines are funny in that flower buds form deep inside the bulb in the previous growing season (before you got them) and replanting the bulbs can cause the flower buds to simply abort for a season. Give them a good feed with a high potassium fertiliser (eg tomato feed) to help boost flower production for next year and keep your fingers crossed! Darren.


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