Artwork – Iris pallida

I figured it is about time I featured some of my own work again. If I tried to limit my blog to only this then there would be long gaps between posts. Typically a piece takes me at least 8 weeks because really I can only work on them at weekends. The day job is highly inconvenient.

I also don’t sketch, so ‘in-progress’ opportunities are limited. My preliminary sketches are usually a simple outline and some colour matching. Even the colour matching is limited as I am trusting my instincts more and build up colour as I go along now. This has the upside of saving time. The downside is that if I need to recreate the match for another piece then my notes are insufficient and I have to start again. What I do now is gather together the pencils I have used and take a photo of them – then at least I have a reference point to start from.

I am accumulating work for an exhibition next year. For this reason I have resisted doing work outwith that plan but my good friend Roda approached me late last year about the possibility of my creating a piece as a gift for her partner. The brief was to draw Iris pallida as this plant has great significance to them.

This was my first experience of drawing to a specific request but thankfully Iris are one of my favourite subjects so I was happy to spend a few weekends on this.

Below you can see some pictures documenting the process:



The final piece:



The piece was successfully transported across the Atlantic this spring. and Roda sent delightful videos thanking me and showing me how she had the piece framed and hung. I was SO impressed with the job the framer had made of this – the matt colour is perfect for the piece. Here it is in Roda’s home:




  1. Hi there. Well the plan is to have prints available early in the new year. I need to get decent master scans made of all the exhibition work anyway. The only reason I have not yet done so is that the nearest place with decent quality would be a full day round trip and there has simply not been time yet.

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