There will now be a short intermission, with an even shorter guest blogger..

The great 2018 bulb-repotting marathon is upon me. All the several hundred pots of dormant bulbs in the greenhouse and frames below need to be emptied and the bulbs cleaned and moved into fresh soil before the end of August. Normally this takes about two weeks. Due to my work schedule this year I have 5 days. Therefore from tomorrow evening until next thursday I will be away from WP.

However, a certain little furry buddy of mine has kindly agreed to post during the weekend, and I may schedule a quick geeky plant post too.

For those who have not met her before, this is my little furry buddy – Molly. She is normally more conscious than this….but considerably less well-behaved.


      1. Wow! I hope you enjoy it. I like trimming hedges. It feels empowering and I it feels great when I’ve accomplished something that is healing both to me and to the hedges.

        Happy Thursday!

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  1. Oooh poor little thing -I’m taking about Molly here. 😉 She looks so exhausted from the heat. Seriously, I’m sending you lots of good vibes, Darren. You have so much repotting to do in such a short time. I wish I was there to give you a hand. Then again we would probably laugh so much that we wouldn’t get much work done. Still hot in the UK? Have an ice cream, my friend! 🍦

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  2. Enjoy your time in the greenhouse! What a treat it will be when they bloom! I am looking forward to seeing more of Molly. Hopefully she can stay cool. I must admit I’m ready for the heatwave to end, I have a nursery of weeds that have bloomed in my gardens. Love and hugs😘💗

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    1. Thank you. I quite enjoy the job really but less happy about having to rush it. Our PhD student managed to unintentionally feel guilty for taking even these few days because it will be hard for her to get the data she needs before she goes on vacation for two whole weeks later in the month!

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        1. I think she would regard your method of getting time off as perhaps a little extreme! The nature of her PhD means that all her field and experimental work has to be in spring. Feel a bit sorry for her in one respect. Her PhD is on the effect of Neonicotinoid pesticides in birds but the government has just banned them. Thankfully she got this years sampling done first.


  3. Molly is really the perfect name for her, she Looks like a Molly!! You have a lot of work ahead of you, but something tells me you will enjoy it! Happy gardening. 🙂

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