1. I live about 4 miles outside the city and work 4 miles the other side of it so I travel through every day. I like Lancaster a lot but doing this challenge has made me look at the architecture in a different way and I am grateful for that.

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      1. Lovely! Yes. Spent time in Rome and I want to go back. Walking through the streets of live history in architecture just makes me feel complete in a way. Like I am a bigger part of something. So beautiful.

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  1. I am the oddball out here, I guess. Love the castle but the other building is still rather dire and stark, even in the color photo. I kept looking at it wondering why I didn’t like it much and then it popped out at me. It looks like they remuddled the windows! Thanks for doing the comparison, Darren.

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    1. You and I are both oddballs Linda. I find the building really creepy actually. It is almost like it reflects all the people sentenced to hang by the judges staying there. The oldest part of the building dates from 1550 but it was pretty much rebuilt in 1625 and likely remodelled since then too.

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