Come laugh, love and embrace life with us!

I can’t top what Dominique wrote here – and I love the collage 🙂

Garden create a memory,
every plant with its own story.
Family and friends all contribute.
Sharing how plants came to me is so cute.
A memory – Life is a Garden Party, volume II
Yes, garden do create memorable moments. It’s not all they do for us. Whether it’s a walk in a beautiful garden, the love labor of gardening or a get together with friends in your backyard, it’s been shown by a few studies that living near a garden or if you green an area it can improve our energy levels, inspire our creativity and generate happiness. With our busy schedules, we often end up forgetting these three important activities, especially the last one. Neglecting such vital needs can have a negative effect on our emotional, mental and physical health.
One of the most enjoyable ways to reconnect with friends and family is by throwing an outdoor party…

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