7×2 = 14. Black & White photo double challenge Day 9

My delightful friends Dominique and DeeDee have both nominated me for this challenge. Me being an all-or-nothing kind of guy decided I would do 14 days straight. This has the added advantage of meaning I don’t have to think up anything new to post for a couple of weeks…..

Some of my pics are new, some are old, some have appeared on Instagram already (in colour). Some of the subjects have special significance for me, some have special significance for friends, some are just pretty pictures.


With regards choosing nominees. I really don’t enjoy doing that. So I am going to use this opportunity to nominate new bloggers and new followers to help them enter the fold of this lovely community. There is no obligation, and anyone else who wants to take part is very welcome to do so!

The rules are: Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

Today’s nominee is: Kiersten





    1. Nope. Big headlines at the moment because very recently customs here confiscated cannabis oil prescribed in canada for a boy with otherwise uncontrollable seizures. Home office eventually returned it after a media campaign, by which time boy was in hospital with his first seizures in months. Law is now to be reviewed.
      I do grow peyote cactus which is legal here but not in the US. It does not make the psychoactive compound in our climate.

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  1. This picture inspired this…

    He kept everything as she left it, from the last piece of thread to the canisters she used to water the flower bed. He escaped his monotonous routine by playing scavenger to her dreams. Ignited only by the solace of her life in his memories. Their love, the only constant reality, death was unable to touch.

    Love your black and whites!

    Have a good one!😊

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