The Truck Hamper Experience

Linda is always so generous in encouraging those of us with a quirky sense of humour to guest on her blog. Anyone who corresponds with Linda will tell you what a delight her own humour is – and this is a great example!

Everyone Else Has the Best Titles

Well over a decade ago all of our appliances died at once.  Not all at once like at the very same minute, more like all at once in the very same month.  One after the other, they all bit the dust.

First, it was the fridge.  It stopped fridging.  Things that should be cold got warm.  This was unacceptable.  Then the dryer met its maker.  If I remember correctly, it was made by Whirlpool.  So yes, you may infer that the dryer met Whirlpool when it stopped drying.  The washer met Whirlpool, as well.  Whirlpool is a very just appliance god.  Whirlpool made sure that the washer wasn’t separated from its mate.  If they were going to go, they were going to go together.

It was obviously time to go appliance shopping.  We headed to Sears.  Remember Sears?  Yeah, this was WELL over a decade ago.  Anyhow, we went there…

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