Boing, boing, boing!

I keep watching this and smiling. Ziggy is an example to us all😊

The Mindful Gardener

I just thought I would share a moment with Zig.  This video expresses the essence of Ziggy.

It also expresses how I feel at this time of year.  The hedgerows are effervescing with hawthorn and cow parsley.  The birds are burbling and chittering and pulling up great juicy worms.  There are beetles, bugs and butterflies galore.  I can see strawberries and blackcurrants swelling before my eyes.  The roses and peonies are bursting into bud…

But Ziggy expresses it best.

Take it away Ziggy.

Ziggy approaches everything in life like this.  His head and tail held high, eyes bright, nose sniffing.  The world is a cornucopia of delights to be explored.  He expects love and receives it in bucket-loads.  He looks at things from new angles (often upside down – he is remarkably flexible and his balance isn’t great).  If he tips over, no matter.  If there are obstacles, they are…

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