Interview with Dominique Nancy of 3C Style – When Fashion and Nature Collide

As part of our collaboration ‘When Fashion and Nature Collide‘ the team are interviewing each other. Dominique Nancy is the Fashionista of the team and blogs over at 3C Style. It has been an absolute privilege for me to interview my friend Dominique, with whom I have shared so much of my recent journey. I am delighted to have learned more about you from your answers Dominique!

I included the final question for my male readers. Admittedly this seems to be only about twenty of my 400 followers. Coincidentally my wife is out shopping for shoes as I write this.

Dominique, when did you become interested in fashion and where do you think that interest came from?

I was a tomboy in my youth. I played baseball and hockey with my brother and his friends. Never really cared about Barbies. But around 12 years old I discover the joy of fashion, firstly through Agatha Christie’s novels. Characters from Christie’s era are brought to life through stunning deco fashions from 20s & 30s, dainty dresses, beaded frocks and glamorous evening gowns. Pure coincidence but the launched of my blog in 2016 coincided with the Queen of Crime’s commemoration of her first published novel, 100 years ago.

Explain your signature style?

I’m like a mini wheat cereal: there is two sides of me. Fashion wise, one is minimalism and clean; I prefer to put the accent on details. The other one is sugar coded. I mix & match patterns, textures and bold colors. In both cases, it has to be elegant and comfortable clothing. I guess that makes me a practical maximalism minimalism! That embodies my signature style, which can be translated in three words: Polished, fun and feminine. A mix of Ingrid Bergman, Katharine Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

Have you ever radically re-invented your style? Are you ever tempted to?

My mom had a lot of fun with fashion and frequently was changing her looks with wigs. One day she was blond; the next, a red head. She thought me to use fashion as a creative outlet. Though, my fashion sense really developed through the traveling done during my twenties and thirties in Europe, Latin America and the States. I was introduced to many cultures, art forms, music and landscapes and it had a major influence on my aesthetic. Naturally, fusion culture became a staple of my style, as well as my socio-eco-friendly awareness. My favourite pieces in my wardrobe don’t come from one specific designer but are items bought from around the world. I am not tempted to make radical changes in my style as the way I present myself to others is truly who I am now at the age of 50. But my style certainly has evolved through the years and it still is. I’m not afraid to experiment and I like to play with my wardrobe. I create new outfit combinations all the time. I am not found of following trends but you can’t look current unless you evolve your style over time and incorporate some trendy stuff to your looks. It is most of all very important to adapt to changing needs – our bodies, lifestyle, work and style preferences – as we move through life.

You have a strong ethical and sustainable theme to your style? Where did this originate?

I was partly raised by my grandmother from my father’s side. Growing up during the first war she had learned to recycle everything. In my youth I admit she was driving me nuts but later in my life it had an impact on my consumption of things. Today, I try to buy clothing wisely and it has to be made by sustainable brands. I prefer quality over quantity… In everything!

Your home has featured on your blog and it is clear that you have a strong aesthetic sense. Do you have any favourite pieces of art or favourite styles or eras of design?

My art and design’s tastes are very eclectic. I like Art deco, Bauhaus, Pop Art as well as the aesthetic of the Arts and Crafts movement developed by British and American in the last years of the 19th century and the early 20th century. Modern Art is my favourite. The visual language developed by number of painters, sculptors, writers and architects of the times inspires me a lot. I love mixing art styles in my home as it gives a better sense of who I am and brings a room a visual interest. Art and nature have both a major influence in my home decor and the way I style my clothing.

You manage to balance a busy professional life and being a mother, with your blogging. Do you have any tips or advice for other bloggers with a busy life?

Oh my, I would not say I have a balance life! It’s fun most of the time, but certainly not balance every week, especially since I’ve started blogging. For a starter, I don’t sleep enough. So the only tips I could give on the topic is how to manage the stress. I have written a few posts on the subject on my blog.

Why did you start blogging?

I would like to say it was for helping others but the truth is I started blogging simply for fun. At 49, I felt I needed a new challenge in my life. I wanted to give myself a gift for my fiftieth birthday, which was to gather in one project my three passions: science, writing and fashion. Hence my blog! It gives me a creative outlet to bring knowledge and facts about clothing and brands as well as styling tips. In my youth I have studied fashion for a while and even work in the field for a few years, but my interest for science and writing were stronger at the time so I changed fields. I went back to university and became a scientific journalist, which I have been doing for the last twenty years. I feel the need to tell people that when I suggest ways to wear a piece of clothing it’s from my own experience and love for styling, certainly not because I know best.

Can you explain the female fascination with shoes in terms that us mere males can understand?

What an interesting question. It inspires me to write a post on the topic has there are reasons why buying a pair of shoes has a pleasurable feeling effect on women according to some recent studies. It would be difficult to explain here the neurotransmitter dopamine released, the brain area that is stimulate and the wonderful sex appeal assurance that stilettos can bring to us. Let’s just say we are wired for shoe lust!

Thank you Dominique and I hope you have a lovely Easter! 😊❤️


  1. Dominique inspires me in so many ways. After reading this interview and learning more about her it just reaffirms why she is such an inspiration. I love the mini wheat analogy! Her styling is amazing! She has such an eye for details. I am so blessed to have met her through you Darren! Fantastic interview! 🌞💗😁

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    1. Aww, you are both gonna make me cry! Thank you so much for your kind words, Lisa. I feel the same about you my friend. I am so please to be working with all of you on our fabulous project. xoxo

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  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    As part of our collaboration ‘When Fashion and nature Collide’, Darren (aka The Arty Plantsman) has interview me. Thank you dear friend for giving me the opportunity to talk about a topic I am so passionate about… Please follow the link below to know what are the interesting questions Darren has asked me!

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  3. A wonderful interview – thank you both! I love the passion and generosity that underpins your answers. You make me smile. Just lovely. My ‘good’ wardrobe is tiny because, similar to you, I prefer to buy one or two really well made items a year, made in the country I am shopping in at the time, hoping that they will last me for years and years. They are almost always in classic timeless styles. Having said that being a farmer I am 90% of the time dressed in well made filthy rags!! I think we all need to be ready to repair our clothes too and wash them by hand, drying carefully, all those things that keep our good clothes going for longer. Thank you. You have both made me think deeply about my fashion philosophy on this dreary morning. Much love. cecilia

    Liked by 3 people

      1. What a lovely comment Cecilia. You brought a very good point too. Taking good care of our clothing by washing them appropriately and by repairing them is part of the solution to reduce the amount of clothes that end up in landfills. I’m glad you enjoyed Darren’s Interview. It was a privilege for me to be interviewed by my dear friend.

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  4. Great questions, and fabulous answers!! By the way, I would like to know the answer to that last question as well. As a female I know I am supposed to be in love with shoes, but I don’t get it?😳💕

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    1. Thanks DEE-DEE! Knowing your science background and natural curiosity I think you might like to know this. It seems to be related to sociobiological evolution hypothesis where females have evolved the desire for attraction with particular marking features such as lipstick, or other elements like attractive shoes. It is just a theory but it makes sense. I wrote about this theory on a post discussing Why do women wear short dresses. Here’s the link:

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    1. We are indeed a good match. Perfect fitting! I’m so glad to know Darren and call him my friend and I feel the same about you too Cris. You hold a special place in my heart dear lady. xoxo

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  5. A wonderful interview!!! It´s so lovely to get to know Dominique a bit better and understand how it comes she´s such an amazing Fashion and Science goddess! And kudos to you Darren for not having asked any naughty questions. 😉 ❤

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  6. Your post introduced me to Dominique and her blog – thank you! 🙂

    I wish I had shoe-lust, but alas my brain is wired differently (the latter of which is no surprise to anyone who knows me).

    Like Dominique, I started my first blog (not my current one, and I’ve had many others) as a birthday present to myself, in my early fifties. It’s quite a challenge to start with, but so enjoyable! 🙂

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