Roda’s Critter Connection, March 26th

A special contribution to Roda’s Critter Connection. Special because this time it features one of the few flowers I grow that originates from Roda’s part of the world.

I am so delighted at how many honey bees we have in the garden this spring! Here is one on Trillium nivale. A native of the Great Lakes states of the US.


  1. Trillium is the provincial emblem of Ontario. We have trillium in different names, etc. I have never seen a lot of them growing in wild, but they are certainly fantastic. Great subject to paint which many artists do. You have very good pictures of this attractive plant. I believe there are many species of Trillium. Trillium grandiflorum is what is supposed to be the symbolic flower of Ontario. I once wanted to replant some at the back of backyard. I have lilies of the valley, violets, wild anemones, some blue and some white, wild bluebells and wild narcissus. They all grow in the wild in some places, but when the spring comes it is so wonderful to watch the first blooms open.


    1. Thank you for this lovely comment Inese. I do not grow T. grandiflorum though it is fairly common in gardens in the uk. T. nivale is the exact opposite both in size and availability! I have only once seen it offered by a uk nursery and then at an exhorbitent price. I managed to get dividions of two separate plants from other growers and have been carefully hand pollinating them to produce seed to distribute. Demand always exceeds availability but at least this year the bees have saved me the pollinating job❤😄


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