Early March Flowers

Just a few pics of flowers from the last two weeks. Some will look familiar to those of you who follow me on instagram. A sentence I never thought I would write…..

Iris rosenbachiana ‘Harangon’
Fritillaria poluninii

Hepatica japonica – Shihou
Hepatica japonica – Haruno-awayuki
Ranunculus ficaria ‘Cuprea’
Anemone caucasica
Corydalis integra
Lachenalia flava
Narcissus cordubensis
Iris nusariensis
Iris rosenbachiana
Romulea sabulosa
Iris tuberosa
Moraea ciliata


  1. Hi there! Yes it is a double form of Hepatica japonica. The next picture is another subtly different cultivar. I do have cultivar names for both on the labels and will add them tomorrow as I can’t recall just now.


  2. They are indeed. Also expensively addictive. Edrom Nurseries in Northumberland have a very good range of them and is where I got these two from – have a look at their website. They have a stand at our show on saturday and my wallet is cringing already!

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  3. It always amuses me that specialist Frit growers tend to ignore the native snakeshead fritillary when to my eyes it is the loveliest of all. We grow it too but our garden is really too dry for it.

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  4. Swoons indeed! Beautiful photography Darren. I particularly loved Hepatica japonica โ€“ double blue 1. It seems your world is waking up just as mine is turning red and gold. (And the gumtrees just drop all year round but there is a lot of bark being shed in swathes in Autumn!).

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  5. Thank you so much. I love that Hepatica too. Good job too as it is the most expensive one I have ever bought! You should see todays weather before thinking spring has arrived. Winter is back with a vengeance!

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  6. Thank you. Bulbs are really my speciality these days. I can guarantee to have one in flower every day of the year. The Iris is lovely but a real challenge unless grown under glass and watered very carefully. It rots away with the slightest excuse! Iris warleyensis has similar colouring and I find it much easier.๐Ÿ˜„


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