Upwards again…a good week.


Last week was a busy week but a nice one and personal progress has been made.

  • Last weekend I finally energised myself enough to get access to the old Mac in the spare bedroom and retrieved a lot of photos for use in future posts.
  • Sunday I drove when we went out for the day. The first time I have overcome my hatred of driving for years.
  • Monday was a big day. At six pm I had my first swimming lesson! Dreaming of scuba diving is not going to achieve anything so I decided to start doing something about it. My first time in a pool since I was 13 (38 years ago! and I could not really swim even then – plus I hated it.) This time was actually quite magical and I cannot wait to go back this week.
  • Wednesday evening Susan had booked me a massage which I thoroughly enjoyed.
  • She also brought (a somewhat grubby) Molly home with her for a visit!


Photo 14-02-2018, 18 50 53 (1)Photo 14-02-2018, 18 50 17 (1)

  •  I received a parcel from my lovely blogging friend Dominique in Montreal. This contained really touching and thoughtful gifts including (among other things) my favourite chocolate bar and two books – a well chosen book of Zen calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh, which is both really beautiful and shows how much Dominique understands me. And also a book co-authored by Dominique herself! (Note to self – add ‘learn French’ to my to-do list). I can’t express how touched I was by this gift, since we ‘met’ via WP last summer she has become a dear, dear friend. Thank you so much Dominique.


Finally on Saturday I saw my garden in sunshine for the first time in weeks. There are signs that spring is not far away 🙂

I even got some drawing done – despite the canine ‘assistance’:

Photo 17-02-2018, 17 42 46

In summary, my best week for months, though I must mention my sadness at the end of the week on hearing about the loss of Linda’s dog Levi. My heart goes out to you Linda.

The swimming thing might not sound a big deal – but it is a sign that my lows over the winter are fading and, more importantly, that I have stopped procrastinating and actually done something new. Projects like this have an unhappy history in our household. The first (and biggest) obstacle to overcome is my own anxiety. Once past this stage then I have to raise the idea with Susan. She has her own anxieties and comfort zone to contend with. Often at this stage I am so exhausted by overcoming my own anxiety that the slightest resistance or anxiety on Susan’s part about my plans sends me back to the drawing board and plans get abandoned altogether. This time things were different – and will hopefully continue to be. I am not being boxed in any longer – even if the box was of my own making.

Super D has found his cape again.

Next I hope to post some musings about travel plans and why they are torture.



  1. First of all, congrats on getting back in the pool plus driving! I’m starting to hate driving here too so I understand. I walk to the store if I’m not getting much even.
    Very nice gift! That was very thoughtful!!!

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  2. Wow Darren, I hear motivation, new goals, new horizons outside old comfort zones, relaxation, pet therapy and real friendship! Guess you really are in the driving seat now directing and writing Darren’s new story! Keep going!

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  3. I am thrilled that you have had a great week! Please don’t let Levi’s passing color what has been a very healthy and productive time for you. I know you feel sad for me, but it was his time and I am accepting that.

    I had no idea that you wanted your swimming lessons to be the first step toward diving. What a fantastic idea! Soon you will be drawing coral and fish and seaweed. Just think of all of the seaweed! There’s a whole world of plant specimens you’ve never even explored!

    Keep going, my friend. You are fighting your way out of the hole. The picture at the top of this post is exactly how I envision my depression, only mine is a hole without a ladder. When the ladder appears it is a wondrous thing. You have a built-in ladder! Keep climbing my dear. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️

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    1. I had to mention Levi. It would have felt wrong not to.
      I am a long way off scuba diving yet but am on my way homevfrom the second swimming lesson and still have not drowned😄
      I liked that picture too. It seemed very appropriate. The ladder was absent for much of December. I could see it in january but not quite reach the bottom rung.
      Thinking of you my friend. Hugs!

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  4. It sounds like a wonderful week of accomplishments and joy, except for your dear friends loss of her dog…my heart goes out to her. Very excited for your upcoming scuba trip, a beautiful thing to work towards, and fun in the journey getting there👍😊

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  5. I love this photo of you!! I am so glad you have your cape on! Wear it 24/7! Don’t take it off…it is waterproof, so it will be fine at swim lessons! Spring is such a beautiful time for rebirth! Hugs my friend!💚

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  6. This is a fantastic post Darren! All good news and positive vibes for your new goals! I have been scuba diving and found that I prefer snorkeling, but that is just me 🙂 The point is that you are making it happen. The Great Barrier Reef needs to be on your Australian itinerary-It was gorgeous and there are many specimens for you to draw!

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    1. Thank you Dee Dee😄❤.
      Snorkelling is an alternative and might suit me better too but I am going to aim for both so I can decide. The Barrier Reef is an ambition I have long held so i am glad to hear your recommendation. For a time I was considering doing my degree in marine biology. Life got in the way.😉

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      1. Me too! When I was really young I wanted to be a marine biologist. But as I went through school I found out it took years to get just a masters in marine mammology. Which makes sense considering that mammalian generations can be 12 to 20 years! Being impatient, I ended up working on bacteria which replicate every 20 minutes! Makes data collection a whole lot faster 🙂

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        1. Wow, what a coincidence😄. It was an option I looked into in my mid 20s when I returned to education but my current job came up so I took it and did my degree in biological sciences part time instead. Soil biology is another field that fascinates me.

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  7. So happy to hear that you have found your cape again my dear friend. 😀💕 Keep making beautiful things happen… Like Marie said, you are in the driving seat now. Enjoy the ride, enjoy your new life! One day we might go diving together or snorkelling with DEE-DEE.

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  8. Oh! I´m so thrilled for you, Darren! This sounds just wonderful and I´m so glad that you found the strength and courage to do the things you´ve dreamed of doing – learning to swim is no small feat, a friend of mine learned it a couple of years ago (she´s Chinese and never had the chance to go swimming before) and it took quite some effort to convince her to give it a go. Now she´s loving it and also snorkels and scuba-dives!!
    And how lovely to see Molly again – aww, she´s got me tightly wrapped around her little finger 😉
    Great news about having done some drawing – I know how bad it feels when you´re gone for too long from that sketch pad and colors…
    And what a wonderful and thoughtful surprise by Dominique! That woman is just amazing!
    Have a beautiful day, Darren – and more wonderful weeks like this for you! ❤

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    1. Another lovely comment, thank you Sarah. I am delighted about the swimming😄.
      You will be glad to hear that I have at least two more Molly posts in the pipeline. One is already written and will be published in a few days.
      Dominique is indeed amazing and I really value her friendship. I got a lovely gift from Roda this week too. My WP family makes me very happy.
      Thank you for popping in andleaving such lovely comments my friend.❤😄

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