Reblog – Terry Pratchett

I used a Terry Pratchett quote, which many of you loved, in a post last week. My friend the Orag-Utan Librarian has since posted this great article on the legend that was Sir Terry.



I’m absolutely giddy for today’s post! Because today, on the day of love, I’m going to tell you the story of how I fell head over heels with Pratchett books. Believe it or not, I wasn’t always the giant orange monkey you see now. In fact, once upon a time when I was a wee […]

via My Pratchett Journey- So Far… A Love Story — the orang-utan librarian


    1. It can be daunting. I generally recommend Guards Guards as a good starting point but then I would as it is my favourite. I used to work with two guys who I would swear were the inspiration for Nobby and Colon. Which would make me the Vimes of the trio. I can live with that quite happily! So pleased you are another fan. Have you read the the Tiffany Aching series? They make me laugh, think and also move me. The man was a true genius.

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