1. This is great. Not too shocking considering the hopelessness they feel. Now they are unconsciously projecting that through linguistics. They often have organizing principles of “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not lovable”. Fascinating stuff! ~Dr. K

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  2. A quite interesting piece. However i personally would leave it at that! (I did try to say it without ‘I’ ). They analysed forum posts, so obviously there will be loads of I and me, particular considering the nature of forums. Nevertheless fascinating as anything related to human mind 😎

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  3. As if I was not already concerned enough about the quality of my English… πŸ˜„ Seriously, this is an interesting study but did the researchers take into consideration if English was the mother tongue of the subjects? Obviously, we do not speak the same way in a second language. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading this article.

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  4. Ya know, the people who do the analysing, are the wackiest and often most depressed of all.πŸ˜‚
    We can all over analyse everything. I certainly (notice the reference to self) don’t give a crap what anybody thinks of me…they can fit me into whatever box they like…but just try to keep me in it! Ha, ha, ha!😈

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      1. Its pretty much self evident that I break all those rules, use absolutist words and use personal pronouns constantly. The only subject I know lots about is me… I can have an opinion on others (and do), but that is just subjective stuff. Does that make me depressed, or prone to it? Nope… Events can make a person feel up or down. If we all were neutral, unaffected and calm on everything, we’d probably be described as psychotic. You can’t win when it comes to analysis… Best thing is to be happy within ones self… The rest doesn’t mean much (unless of course it leads to an axe murderer or something terrible). So when therapists are interested in how we express ourselves, according to our state of mind, is just to justify their own existence for treating us. I have seen a few of them self destruct because their own analysis of themselves leaves them totally floundering to interact properly in a social setting!

        Interesting piece of insight, but no two people are the same and nor is their thinking.

        Eat well, exercise in whatever form is enjoyable, have sex (it is exercise), and turn blind eyes to the negatives and keep on with the positives. It is the same sort of formula (with tweaks) for everyone. It doesn’t need analysing…just needs doing. Enjoy life.

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          1. Yep, bouncing thoughts off another person can give some objectivity on an issue when that same person is not involved in or subject to any outcome. The ‘what would you do if you were me?’ kind of thing, or just a listening ear helps to clarify and sort our own thoughts.

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  5. “Absolutely” fascinating article! “I’m” so glad (attention: here comes a different pronounπŸ˜‰) you shared this. And now I will either be busy overanalyzing everything I and all the others write or simply forget about it all. 😊

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  6. Write ….. or say! Really interesting stuff here! This is great …. but haven’t you occasionally met someone and you know, just know that they suffer from depression? I know that I have! And I couldn’t put my finger on exactly how I knew, but maybe this is it … it’s the use of words. Great post πŸŒΌβ˜€οΈ

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      1. Exactly. There was a man on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Ian Lee, and you could just tell that he suffered from some kind of depression, from the way that he responded to certain situations. One minute a bit too over-the-top and almost slightly β€˜in your face’ and the next, very low, despondent, needing attention etc. It certainly didn’t help that there were some big alpha males there who weren’t very kind … I did feel sorry for him, but also wondered why he was putting himself through something quite so extreme.

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        1. I wonder too. Sometimes we just push ourselves in order to prove something but I fear the behaviour of those Alpha males will just damage his probably already poor self esteem. I deliberately avoid men like that anyway.


  7. Ps For the garden side of you, I’ve just spend a couple of hours up here in Glasgow advising a lady about her garden …. it is so unutterably cold here that I’m not going to venture out any more today in order to thaw out. Instead, I shall be reading and writing blogs …. much nicer and considerably warmer. β˜€οΈ


    1. Poor you! I hate being cold.

      My wife works several days a week in a lovely family run plant nursery in the lakes. I often think it is my dream job until we have a cold wet windy day like yesterday and then I appreciate my cosy office a little more!

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