More midwinter flowers

Some more things in flower this weekend.

This is Narcissus asturiensis, the smallest and earliest of the trumpet daffodils. It is not easy to maintain for long in the garden and is rarely commercially available and therefore expensive when it is. The second picture has my thumb for scale to show how tiny this Narcissus is.

Then we have two South African species in the greenhouse.

Gladiolus griseus has quite small flowers but is pretty in an understated way:

Definitely not understated is Lachenalia aloides:


  1. Stunning pics as usual Darren. Like them all but there is something special to me about the Gladiolus griseus. There is something romantic about a plant that needs the winter sun to blossom. I’m still amaze to see there are many flowers that bloom throughout chillier conditions… And they are gorgeous!

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  2. Absolutely amazing! Our outdoors are very cold, minus 20, minus 25 Celsius, nothing is going to grow there. These tiny plants look so wonderful, especially, because it is January. Trumpet daffodils are very nice regardless of weather and season, and they are like the first announcers of spring that will come sooner or later.
    I had my hibiscus blooming indoors and African violets are in bloom all year, but this is just so beautiful.
    Great pictures, indeed.

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    1. Thank you Inese, that is so kind and I am glad you liked the pictures

      . No way could I live somewhere so cold! I like warm places and my wife likes cold so the UK is a compromise! Pity about the rain….

      I do like the trumpet daffodils. Like the snowdrops they are a couple of weeks early this year. February is more usual for asturiensis. The hoop-petticoat daffodils started in December.


    1. Thank you for popping in and commenting. I seem to have a lot of friends in Canada and the NE US who are making me glad I live somewhere where it rarely snows! That said it did snow briefly today but soon melted again.πŸ˜€

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      1. Anytime! haha I am so jealous, it had been a rough couple weeks for us and has finally calmed down this past week. The sun is out and it is making me eager for Spring again! We lost quite a bit due to the rain, however… we’re still covered!

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  3. Beautiful flowers and photography. While the last time I had a “hothouse” I was a kid ( I used old storm windows in a frame to make a small vegetable garden thrive over the Cape Cod winter) I have had some remarkable flowering shrubs thrive with minimal input from me. I have at least once almost killed a few with kindness before learning the proper balance. But I have a amaryllis that I am bringing out of a winter dormancy to look forward to.

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