Midwinter flowers and Happy New Year

My previous post got me accused of naughtiness. Like this was a surprise or something! So in an attempt to restore my sullied reputation (too late I know) I thought I would show my accusers and other followers that I still love them.

2017 began with my being at a very low ebb. I honestly did not expect to see 2018.

What a difference the last six months has made. My energy and enthusiasm and sense of humour have returned and, best of all, thanks to this blog I have found wonderful friends around the world who have brought such light into the darkness that I existed in before. I even have a new nickname, theme song and logo….

I want to take this opportunity to send you all a huge hug and my very best wishes for 2018.

With love from Darren aka Super D

Now for some rather prettier pictures:

These were all taken in December, despite it being midwinter.


  1. Somehow I knew you were gonna say that but pardon my French it is total BS. You’re right in a way though, you are not just pretty… You’re Awesome! An awesome and beautiful human being. How come you don’t see that while every body else around you does is beyond me. 😍

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  2. Really really stunning shots! Good to see a pic of you alsoπŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ½ wish you alllll the best for 2018πŸ’›

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