Love from Molly

Hello πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Shhhhhh…. I am back staying with Uncle Darren again.

He is not looking so I thought I would send my love to his friends doggies including Levi and Walter, Clara and Kurt and Jasper and Murphy. Doggie kisses to you all 😘😍❀️❀️

Uh Oh , Uncle Darren is coming back…..

Uncle Darren : Molly, what are you doing? Sending love letters to other dogs? You little flirt!

And you have been typing on the iPad with your wet nose and got it all smeary! You wait till Aunty Susan gets back from the supermarket and I tell her what you have been upto!


          1. Smart dog! Want to know… Did you mean a real carrot? Apparently it is good for a dog’s teeth. Perhaps, you were expressing yourself metaphorically and referring to the expression Give someone a carrot? Hard for me to tell since English is not my first language.

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        1. I have probably only ever seen the slobbery European onesπŸ˜€. She just blanked me completely on her way to see if the food bowl had refilled overnight. It hadn’t so she brought one of my boots as a gift and hint it was walkies time.

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              1. Levi’s move is the chin on typing fingers ploy. Sad face, chin on fingers. Sad face, a little drool for the keyboard. Sad face, nose under my arm prying pushing it up away from said keyboard. He’s got it down. Walter just pouts.

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                1. Directly getting in the way is clever. I remember helping plant trees at the nursery with help from molly’s golden retriever sister, Ella. Her trick was to drop her ball in each hole I dug so that I would have to take it out before putting a tree in. And if I was picking up the ball anyway I might as well throw it for her…..

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