Molly’s day at the beach

Hello Uncle Darren’s friends!

It is me again, Molly.


I have been staying with Uncle Darren and Aunty Susan again and I have borrowed Uncle Darren’s blog to tell you about the day they took me to the beach!

The beach is my favouritest place in the whole world! I live MILES from the nearest one, and I’m old with little short legs so I don’t often get there. 😦

Here is my day at the beach:


Disclaimer from Uncle Darren:

Here we go again. I honestly do not know how Fuzzbutt worked out my WordPress password but we suspect she is brighter than the two of us combined so I am not really surprised.

We carefully towelled her dry at the beach and stopped again at the supermarket where we bought her a tasty snack.

And we didn’t throw the frizbee half way to Dublin. She exaggerates. It was a quarter of the way at most. 😉

She spent the evening toasting herself in front of the stove and was still flat-out the next morning, though she had moved over to the radiator once the stove went out:



  1. You know I love this creative approach. Careful though my friend Molly might steal the show. I notice that she is getting quite popular has she is as lovely and funny as you! For what it’s worth, I much prefer your ears.

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    1. She steals the show wherever she goes, the little Diva! And thank you😀.
      You prefer my ears? Even though they don’t work very well and one is a bit ragged at the top thanks to a drunken barber when I was eight? I suppose they are at least less hairy than Molly’s!

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                  1. You know what would make me smile… Hearing you play guitar! What do you say? A short video. I know that you cannot put any video on your blog but if you send it to me I could publish it on mine with a link through your blog. I told you that you were in trouble my friend. Let’s see how you’re gonna try to get out of this…

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                    1. Oh my last comment did not come out the way I wanted it to. I meant to say I was glad to hear I was not putting any stress on you. But I am sorry you feel everything else does. Anything I can do to help?

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  2. I think the dog is telling the truth. I swear I could see a green frisbee ducking and diving at the horizon from Sandymount strand south Dublin Looks like ye all had a smashing day out. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Oh my this is so funny😂😂😂😊😊😊😊 you really made me laugh and I had a great start in the day with your post! LOVING molly also!!! 😍😍😍

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  4. Awww Molly, it looks like you had such a fun time at the beach. Granted they tried to litter and Thank you for cleaning up afterwards, it looks like you enjoyed the adventure and slept really good that night. Smooches

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  5. Started back blogging/reading today and this was the first post I read! Glad to see you’re getting some quality time with the precious pup! The beach looked so fun. It’s 13F here so the beach would be miserable 😂

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  6. Oh My Goodness is your little girl adorable!!! You two look like you both had such a wonderful time at the beach! She really loves the water!! Great sporting doggies!! Such a beautiful girl!

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    1. She is our little buddy! We may have her to stay again in July but at least I get to visit her often. My wife has her all day at work as she belongs to her boss. Thank you for your lovely comment. I adore Molly!

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