Theme song for ‘Super D’- cast your vote!

Blame Roda for this. Apparently my new nickname is Super D and I have to select my theme song this morning (see comments on part seven of the B&W challenge if you are new to this conversation and therefore totally mystified).

If I don’t choose then Roda will pick one for me. I love Roda but I know her sense of humour….

Well I’m not going to make it that easy so I’m just going to give a list of options from which you lot can choose. Feel free to conspire talk among yourselves and please vote in the comments.

I suspect I’m only allowed to include upbeat songs so I’m going to leave out Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ and any version of ‘Hurt’ by NIN…

I am also going to exclude Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”, firstly because it is too obvious but mostly because I once rewrote the lyrics into an extremely naughty version for some colleagues who wanted to perform it at a work Christmas party and this is the version I hear in my head whenever I think about this song now. (I never actually go to these parties but I do often provide funny posters, satirical lyrics for party game songs and even special effects with dry-ice etc)

Anyway – to the list:


Always look on the bright side of life” – The Monty Python team*

Great Things” by Echobelly

Alright” by Supergrass

Where is my mind” by Pixies (sorry – couldn’t resist this)

Smells like Teen Spirit” Nirvana (Couldn’t resist this either)

Shine on You Crazy Diamond” Pink Floyd


You have until Monday to put your vote in the comments. In the event of a tie or no votes then Roda gets to choose. Yes – I do have a preference but I’m not telling!


*Susan’s uncle Donny had this played at his funeral. Everyone cracked up. The man was class. Despite the 40 year age gap he and I got on well. I always remember he and I were among the last people left at the end of one family wedding. He pointed out that most people were driving and therefore there were lots of still half-full bottles of champagne on the other tables. We didn’t let them go to waste…


  1. I would love to hear your version of “I Will Survive”! hee-hee. There are a few of these songs I have not heard before, so I will go listen and then be back to cast my vote! I hope you have a magical day! Hey…wait a minute! Where is ABBA on your list!!!??

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  2. I really like the Monty Python song. It is catchy. But, does not feel powerful enough for your dance moves! I am going to go with that for a close 2nd choice. But, my first choice would have to be…drum roll please… “Great Things” by Echobelly

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  3. I would love to read those naughty lyrics of “I Will Survive!” My mom used to play that song all the time. It drove me crazy… But I survived! Anyway, I think Shine on You Crazy Diamond is beautiful and it is probably your favorite. To me though Great Things seems more of a theme song. So I’m voting for Great Things too.

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    1. An interesting comment Dominique. You will find out why on Monday.

      The naughty I Will Survive included a lot of satirical digs at management at work so much of it would be lost on anyone who doesn’t know them. I’m sure none of them would really do that with a sheep. Well, fairly sure….

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        1. Just listened to it again, the third time this afternoon. I want to thank you for introducing me to this. What an incredible song. Funny and moving. I love finding songs that are new to me and this feels like a lovely gift from you.

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    1. Nice one too. But I stick to my first vote. Great things it is. Looks like right now there is no clear fav. The Monty Python as only one vote ahead. Can’t we vote more than one time? See what you have done Darren. I’m becoming a competitive person! This is so not me. Anyway, if we can vote more than once I’m putting a second vote on Great Things. Roda, I need your help here!

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  4. First I’ve chosen two of them but when I heard “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” Pink Floyd I knew that this one was far better than any of the others.

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  5. Another vote from me today for Great Things. “I wanna do great things / I don’t wonna compromise / I wonna know what life is / I wonna know everythings / I wonna know what love is…..” Come on, who can resist these lyrics? There perfect for Super D theme song!

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