Seven day B&W photo challenge part five

See part one for the intro.

The rules are:

“Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day”.

I want to point out that if I challenge you there is absolutely no obligation to take part. Also – if I don’t directly challenge you but you want to have a go at this then please do!

Today’s nominee is:



    1. It is. It is a Stressless reclining chair (and has a matching footstool). You would not believe the agonising about buying them (one for each of us) as it was very expensive. In the end I took a book to the showroom and sat in the chair reading for a couple of hours to convince myself it was worth it. It is!

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  1. I’m just like you, there are never enough books. You do need a few more shelves though my friend. And what is this book i see on the table… The Bible of a coloured pencil botanical artist?

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    1. This is one of about seven bookcases…. I have a serious book addiction. In fact this one is double-stacked, with another layer behind…

      The book on the table is the Amaryllidaceae of Southern Africa (

      It is an amazing book, full of beautiful paintings. The story of how it was created even merited a separate book of its own. The botanical artist Barbara Jeppe started an ambitious project in 1971 to paint every South African member of the Amaryllid family (which includes many garden plants such as Nerine and Crinum). Sadly she passed away before completing it so her daughter Leigh Voigt took over and did the rest of the paintings. They got Graham Duncan from the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to write text and it was finally published in 2016 – 45 years after the project started.

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        1. Even if the text is a bit technical (though Graham Duncan is a great writer) the paintings are gorgeous and there are several hundred in the book which makes it worth the purchase price for me. Though as I grow many of the plants illustrated the text is useful too. It weighs a ton though!

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  2. Nope 🙂 It’s a Charles Rennie Mackintosh motif. I have always loved his designs and was gutted when the library at the Glasgow School of Art was destroyed. A magical room and I have poster of it on my office wall.

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  3. The chair is empty missing his silhouette
    From here he reads to escape the pain he’s kept
    Darren don’t be sad don’t you see the rarity you are?
    Where others see plants you see their beauty from afar
    Perhaps it’s because you like to see things glow
    To reap the rewards of patience little seedling blossom, grow! It’s good to be outside, the air is fresh and clean
    It’s so easy to shut yourself away when life is cruel and mean
    You left me messages of WordPress friendship, to never give up
    I know when you’re depressed it’s easy to feel stuck
    But I send you a poem to remind you of the good in you
    To remind you of the garden, it shines green not blue.
    Little flower, my friend do not weep so,
    The sunshine will come soon and you will continue to grow. Amy Belle

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      1. I know what you mean and time is scarce on my end as well working in retail this time of year. In the end I try to make it a priority as often as possible and it’s essential for me to keep the balance. A little crazy is ok 🙂 but I can’t go completely nuts just yet and so I need moments like these.

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        1. We all do😀. I have a management consultant I work with but I can never get him at this time of year because he is a big guy with a huge white beard and is fully booked playing santa for every store and charity for miles around – for free.

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