1. Wasabi?! I’d love to see the expression on Molly’s face if she tried that.

              She will eat as many windfall apples as she can find – with unfortunate consequences on her digestive system. And also loves sweetcorn cores. Makes me wince just hearing her crunch them! That said – she often picks up stones to chew as well.
              Susan just sent me a picture of Molly curled up on a cushion in front of a radiator, looking all innocent. She isn’t fooling anyone.

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        1. If she did we’d have no chance and she would be really fat! She has lost some weight since the cafe at the plant nursery where she lives has closed for the winter and her scrounging opportunities have been restricted..

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            1. Worse – she lives in a complex that is part of a Victorian mansion house estate. The main house is often rented out for weddings and she is a devil for crashing wedding parties and scrounging food there too! Can just imagine her going round each table and giving them that look can’t you?

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