Darren went shopping and all he came back with was a headache..

I recently posted about possibly doing some clothes shopping and I have had two opportunities to do just that. One in London and also some time in Oxford. These are my conclusions:

  • Women’s and kid’s clothes must be using so much of the world supply of colour that there is none left for menswear.
  • The British are perverse. This is a grey, dark, wet and miserable little island. So what do Brits decide when choosing their winter wardrobe? They wear black, grey or muted colours because, apparently, this country needs to look EVEN MORE DRAB in winter.
  • Every menswear shop seems to employ the same window-dressers, producing exactly the same winter window displays for all their clients. This consists dressing mannequins in lots of seemingly identical black or grey wool coats, pullovers etc.

I was so underwhelmed.

In the immortal words of Vamp Willow from Buffy:



    1. I suspect that it is a reflection of how men are generally less willing to express themselves and tend toward conservative uniformity. Also in many careers this uniformity is kind of expected too.


    1. That is a good idea. I met another botanical artist at the exhibition last month. He was Italian , about my age and beautifully dressed in a colourful shirt and immaculately tailored waistcoat. Almost asked where he shopped.

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        1. Don’t worry. I know your views on mustaches! I am not a fan either. They are just a half-assed attempt at a beard. I am sort of committed to the beard now it appears in my new passport photos.

          Oh, must try to find a buddy who owns a helicopter too. And some bikini clad ladies. I’m starting to like this idea way too much actually 😉

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          1. Happy you decided to go through with getting your passport done so you can soon travel again! If you ever find a buddy who owns a jet come in Montreal. I would love to see this beard of yours. But I most say there are no women in bikinis here this time of year!

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      1. I can’t say ,hopefully I don’t have one of those man😀but I love shoes and clothes and accessories but I hate going shopping and I don’t browse around shops unless I need to buy something.i get bored of fashion magazine too.
        I find the worst when people dress their kids like they are their mini me,if u know what I mean.
        When we go back to Italy u can spot my girls miles away….I think they tolerate us as we come from abroad🤣


        1. I’m not keen on clothes shopping either. Until recently it was just a boring necessity. Things have changed a lot for me in recent months and I’m still kind of exploring.
          I do get what you mean. My niece is very much anti-fashion and dresses for comfort, unlike many of her peers at school who dress like mini-adults.

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  1. As someone who is desperate for clothes in good colours – not the usual dull-fare that you’ve so rightly observed – I agree with you. But clothes have ‘seasons’ that depend not on the actual seasons but on the various shops’ buyers… so we get what they think we want, not we actually do want. And I’m speaking as a woman who can’t find brightly coloured or even mid-coloured clothes, not a man!

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