A big thank you – and a guest post

Thank you my friends for some lovely messages of support when I was having a bit of a wobble a few days ago. I feel much better now. All the virtual hugs made me feel much less alone. Huge hugs back to all of you!

I can’t explain it except to say ‘emotional overload’. Work stress was a major trigger but I have also been overwhelmed by my feelings elsewhere. It is not necessarily bad; much of what I have felt has been great happiness and energy. It was just too much.

On a much, much happier note (involving doggies!) – my friend da-AL at ‘Happiness Between Tails’ has hosted my first ever guest post:


I will return with some more content from me, here, later.

Darren xx



    1. Thank you Roda, and also thanks for your support 🙂
      I hope to take the last pictures for your Black and White challenge this weekend. Late I know, but I figured I would rather get all seven ready in advance than risk missing a day if something crops up.

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  1. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better Darren. I missed you. I read your posts each week with true pleasure. Love seeing your impressive artwork and gardening skills. Plus, no matter what is the subject of your post, you find a way to add an element of humour (no matter how painful the situation might be). It is an effective way to connect and I have to admit I became sort of an addict to The Arty Plantsman as I know I’ll always finds laughter and beautiful things to see. So happy you are back my friend!

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