Update and another critter.

Here is another contribution to Roda’s Critter Connection Challenge:

Drone fly on Gladiolus carmineus. October 8th in my garden.


I am working on several other posts at the moment as I find I am enjoying the writing process. I hope to post part two of the ‘Bus Papers’ tomorrow and am also working on the Unique Blogger Award that Roda nominated me for.

I have been reading other bloggers too and wanted to point you at this wonderful post:


I had a lovely day at the work Diwali celebration yesterday so hope to schedule a post for the actual day of Diwali next week. With maybe a picture or two. (One of you has been given a preview of a picture of me at this and she didn’t seem too horrified so I’m feeling brave…)

Yesterday was interesting from an emotional perspective.

A work meeting in the morning sapped my energy but this was quickly revived by the lovely Diwali lunch and a flying visit (and, importantly, hugs) from a much-loved PhD student of ours, Katie. I even circulated at the Diwali lunch and took pictures, which is well outside my comfort zone. I am not only proud I did this but I really enjoyed it.

I was feeling a little fragile after posting on tuesday, but your lovely comments turned that around so generally yesterday was a great day.

Susan and I had planned to meet in the city centre to go and see ‘Victoria and Abdul’ at the cinema but unfortunately the southern Lake District had around 20cm of rain in 24 hours and flooding meant Susan was stuck at work (she made it home safely later). As the weather had also disrupted the bus services I decided to stay in the city for a while after the rain stopped in order to let things get back to normal. So I went to see ‘Blade Runner 2049’. It was a great movie but profoundly, heart-breakingly, sad in places and it was perhaps not the best choice for me when I was feeling emotional anyway. I was consequently feeling wrung-out when I got home and stayed up reading until almost midnight but then had a good night’s sleep in the end 🙂

Still smiling today! And the sun is shining 🙂

Hope you are all having a great day, Darren.



  1. Ooh, this Gladiolus carmineus is stunning, so is the little critter. Beautiful pic. You saw Blade Runner 2049? Soooo envious of you right now. I had planned to go see it as well this weekend, but my son needed my help with homework… So, my date with Harrison Ford and Denis Villeneuve had to be postponed. Perhaps, I’ll go this weekend if no other unexpected thing occurs. Can’t wait to read part two of the Bus Papers!

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    1. Thank you Dominique ❤️
      Definitely see the movie on a big screen if you can. As you would expect, it looks and sounds stunning and Villeneuve has made a sequel truly worthy of the original. Ford is still amazing but all the performances are terrific. Take tissues though!

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  2. What a great shot and huge coincidence – my boyfriend and I were just discussing what that weird fly was we saw. It looked like a bee but it didn’t have a sting (which is crucial because our cat tries to eat everything that flies) – now we know! 🙂 thank you for sharing

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