Monday Molly.

Hello Darren’s friends! My name is Molly. Aren’t I lovely?


I have other names. When my fur has not been clipped for a while Aunty Susan calls me ‘Mollymop’ and Uncle Darren calls me ‘Fuzzbutt’. Sometimes people call me other things but I don’t understand these and they are often said with things like ‘put that down’, ‘look at the state of you!, and ‘What have you been rolling in?’.

I don’t live with Uncle Darren but I live where his wife Aunty Susan works. I heard that Uncle Darren had been sad recently so I got Aunty Susan to take me home with her so I can sort him out! Who could be miserable with me around?!

I don’t understand why he is sad – he gets to live with Aunty Susan all the time! Aunty Susan is lovely and always has a pocket full of doggy treats! Maybe Uncle Darren isn’t given any doggy treats because he has been a BAD DOG 😦 ? This would certainly make ME sad.

We have arrived but Uncle Darren is nowhere to be seen! Aunty Susan says we can’t eat until we find him! He is probably in the garden. Aunty Susan says he is always in the garden, or upstairs where I am not allowed (I think this must be where they store the doggy treats).














Disclaimer from Uncle Darren:

No dogs were starved or fed salad during the making of this blog. No ankles were chewed either.

Molly was fed her favourite food and spent the evening alternating between tummy rubs, trying to chew her new bed and lying guarding the larder door in case of unexpected biscuit-scrounging opportunities. And, yes, I was much happier for having her around.

For the photos, thanks to Aunty Susan (who really is lovely and would happily have given me a doggy treat but knows I’m vegetarian).

I’d like to dedicate this post to all the people out there suffering from mental health problems, in the hope it gives you a smile. Thanks to Kylee over at selfcaremadeeasy, who inadvertently inspired this post.


  1. I LOVE this post! The pup is adorable. I really enjoyed the writing from the pups point of view and all of the great pictures. 😊 you’re right, it would be hard to be sad with that pup around.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Cinda 🙂
      Promise I’ll try it but if the mirror cracks I’ll send you the bill!
      Some nice news though – plans are in motion for Molly to stay with us for a few days at the end of this month! 🙂 🙂
      By the way – your retriever is adorable! We are looking after Molly largely because otherwise she would be in boarding kennels by herself for the first time since her owner’s other dog (a beautiful retriever called Ella) has gone to live with family elsewhere.


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