We have achieved Turmeric…

Yes, I know it isn’t a Massonia.


I have intended for some time to produce a companion piece to my ‘Thai Curry Paste Ingredients’ but based on Indian food ingredients. A dear friend from work texted me to say she was going shopping in the Indian shops in Preston and would I like anything? Now, a main part of the Thai piece was the Galangal root. The Indian botanical equivalent would be either ginger or turmeric. Given that Turmeric is more colourful I requested a piece of turmeric root if available. (I had seen some in the covered market in Oxford a month ago but stupidly didn’t buy any.)

As you can see, my friend delivered a nice piece of turmeric root the following Monday, so I’ve prioritised getting this drawn before it shrivelled. I’m quite pleased with how it has turned out, though the highlights could be better – it doesn’t look quite shiny enough. I may address this later but the priority was getting the colours matched ( Predominantly Derwent Autumn Leaf and Polychromos cadmium Orange Glaze, with a bit of Prismacolor Ginger Root and some Derwent Moss Green around the ‘buds’).

I have also started working on the onion to go with it. I don’t know where this leaves me regarding the planned Massonia. But with only 16 hours daylight per week for drawing (weekends, basically) and still having gardening jobs to do I may have to work from photographs for the Massonia. I did this last time and, whilst I don’t like it, it did work.

2016 has seen some horrible news globally, much of it too scary to contemplate. I listened to Leonard Cohen for a while on Saturday, which seemed very appropriate somehow. His death was not unexpected but it affected me a lot, far more than the death of David Bowie earlier in the year. I saw Leonard Cohen in Manchester on his final tour in 2013. He performed for well over 3 hours, with so much energy he looked like he could go on forever. A magical evening.