Finally getting there…

I hit 50 two weeks ago and took a long weekend off work as I’d originally planned to go away. The travelling didn’t happen in the end, and the weather was dreadful so I managed to spend some time on the Hellebore picture. I bit the bullet and started fleshing it out with more leaves.

There were two reasons for this:

  • The composition was too triangular and a bit unambitious.
  • The ratio (height to width) was wrong for reproduction on a standard A5 sized card and needed to be lengthened heightwise.



I might yet add another bud or rear-facing flower to the inflorescence but I will think about this when the leaves are done. Also not sure if I want to add roots or just end the stem base where it is.

One thing that does not seem to get much easier with experience is trusting oneself – by that I mean that I felt I had drawn the original composition quite well and I was nervous to add anything else in case I spoiled it. Over the SBA DLDC course I was in this position several times where I decided to add extra items to a composition, and it always worked so quite why it still scares me I’m not sure.

Meanwhile, in the garden there are signs of autumn with some autumn flowering bulbs appearing. This is Cyclamen graecum which I grow in a frame as it does not like the rain of NW England. Who can blame it?

Cyclamen graecum

Birthday-wise, I was pleased to get a whole new set of Tombow Irojiten pencils. I will write more about these when I have tried them out. It looks like some colours might be very useful (Cactus green for instance). The packaging alone is a work of art!

I’ve been relocated back to the rear of the house now that the sun is not quite so fierce, which means I regain the use of the CD player! That said, using Youtube on the iPad has alerted me to the great live sessions recorded by KEXP radio in Seattle and I’ve been listening to their output live over the web. Great taste in music!

I’ve added a basic gallery of  completed work for this blog, but am deciding if I want to switch WordPress themes before going further as I find the Button theme a bit dull. I’d really like a more image-intensive theme.